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Our other projects have finally been pushed aside and the work on the AWX RPM turnkey installation has moved forward. We are now in a state, where we think there are only one or two days of work left, and this time will be spent finalizing the AWX VENV Control script and general testing. Documentati...

We are sorry to inform the community that due to other last minute projects, the AWX RPM Turnkey project is currently delayed. Hence the projected release date of July 6th 2021 is no longer valid.

More information will follow.

Since our last update, we have made significant progress on the turnkey AWX RPM installation on all areas as well as managed to create a complete built environment and clarify AWX versioning. Our current progress for each area is as follows:

Dependency Parser 99%
CL for EL8 90%
SPEC File generat...

Development of the AWX-RPM accelerates.

So.. after some time with a lot of work, we are now finally getting closer to have a new AWX-RPM build.. better, more stable and more maintainable (easier installation and upgrading)..

Hi guys

Builds are broken right now, due to new dependencies, and lack of time and money...

I hope to the builds back up within a week or so..