This guide describes how to install the AWX-rpm turnkey project:

Clone the repository:

git clone

Go to the directory:

cd awx-turnkey

Create the inventory file using you favorite editor in order to ensure host (awxserver) is targetting the intended server:

inventory: [awxserver] awxserver01

Update the role using ansible-galaxy:

ansible-galaxy -fr roles/requirements.yml

Run the playbook:

ansible-playbook -i inventory awxrpm.yml

Log in to the target server:

scl enable miracle-awxrpm "awx-manage"

NB: This currently doesn't work but:

scl enable miracle-awxrpm "python3 -m pip list"

shows all the libraries in the expected version django-admin are working. However, awx-manage gives the following error message
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'thycotic.secrets.server' [root@awxserver ~]# scl enable miracle-awxrpm "python3 -m pip list" | grep thy python-thycotic 0.1.0

This is where we need the community, since the module is present but awx ignores it and can't load it.

LinkedIn group for Questions, support, talk and more: The AWX-rpm turnkey project has been founded by Martin Juhl Prendergast and is powered by Miracle

Caveats/TODO List:

  • Firewall rules has still not been created, so you'll have to make your own or disable the firewall.
  • Backup/Restore scripts.
  • Fix Migrations/upgrades so that they will work everytime. See issues for more description.

Please submit issues here:

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