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Development of the AWX-RPM accelerates.

So.. after some time with a lot of work, we are now finally getting closer to have a new AWX-RPM build.. better, more stable and more maintainable (easier installation and upgrading)..

Hi guys

Builds are broken right now, due to new dependencies, and lack of time and money...

I hope to the builds back up within a week or so..

It has not been many days since AWX-RPM 8 arrived, but now AWX-RPM 9 is ready.. seems like the upstream AWX guys are heading for 10 before christmas :)

So.. The upstream community has chosen to drop AWX 8.. and now AWX-RPM 8 is also out :)

Just follow the normal upgrade procedure :)

Lots of new stuff, including some new features in the Workflow editor :)

Some people have requested previous versions of AWX-RPM, either for rollback or for upgrading...

So.. now the complete history of rpms are now available at:

A repo file can be downloaded here:

Please notice tha...