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6.1.0 has been built, tested and published :)

Also, official AWX-RPM Stickers have been received.. I will drop them off whereever I drop by :)

And suddenly the AWX guys pushed out AWX 6.0.0...

AWX-RPM is out and has been tested..

Lots of commits, bugfixes and changes..

A new systemd service has been added.. all services can now be controlled through awx.service.

The awx.service is available from: ansible-awx-

Start AWX

systemctl start awx

Stop AWX

systemctl stop awx

Restart AWX

systemctl restart awx

The AWX-RPM project has now officially adopted "The angry potato" (the upstream AWX projects old logo) as the official logo..

The logo has been updated in

Please welcome the potato to the family :)!

Just released :)

New releases and dependency issues...