Getting back into gear

Getting back into gear

Development of the AWX-RPM accelerates.

Miracle is a Red Hat Premium Partner and offers both Red Hat-certified consultants, tailor-made courses and advice on and purchase of Red Hat subscriptions. As part of our company strategy, we see it as a privilege to contribute to the Open Source community and are currently working on a turnkey AWX RPM installation. We do this by creating a dependency parser, which verifies the dependencies defined in the requirements.txt file and generates a new file with additional dependencies (and versioning). We then intend to spend some time investigating how software collections work for RHEL8. Based on this knowledge, we can create a Spec File Generator, which takes the refined requirements file and create software collections.

Next, we will use OBS (OpenSUSE Build Server) to translate the software collections into RPM packages. As part of this, we are going to set up our own build service running as a container. When we have succeeded in building the RPM packages, we will work on the installation/update script that makes the whole process above into a turnkey AWX installation. For version one of this project, the update script will include a call to a control script that makes sure Ansible is always installed in the latest version. Finally, when we have a the entire AWX RPM up and running, we will start working on documentation.

Each step explained above is listed here along with its current completed-percentage:

  • Dependency Parser 95%
  • SCL for EL8 80%
  • SPEC File generation 70%
  • Miracle Open Build Service 0%
  • RPM Building 0%
  • Installation/Upgrade script 0%
  • AWX VENV Control script 80%
  • Documentation 10%

As of today (June 8th, 2021), the currently estimated release date for the community test is July 6th, 2021. Please notice that this date may be subject to change, since deadlines from other projects may interfere.

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